Oedipus Rex By Sophocles

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There is many novels and plays out there that discuss what the father tells the son in the novel by William Styron, “life is a search for justice”. For example, Oedipus Rex by Sophocles. After Oedipus saved the city of Thebes from the evil Sphinx, he does not know the problems that will come. He later on encounters these problems and tries to find justice for him and for the city.
To begin with, when Oedipus saved the City of Thebes, he then became king, and married the Queen because the old King had been killed. Later on, Tiresias a blind prophet told Oedipus that he had killed his father. This goes back when the King Laius and the Queen Jocasta wanted to have a baby, but the prophet warned them that their son would
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She had done this because she had not found out that she had slept with her son. In addition, Oedipus later on understood that he needed to leave the city because that would be the only way that the plague would go and that the city would be fine. In order for him to get justice with the city he would need to leave. So that was what he did. Oedipus took his eyes out and left the city. He asked Creon to take care of his children and Oedipus was off. He eventually died later in the mountains. His search for justice was eventually successful for the city but not for him. Oedipus died but the city was now cured by the plague. After all Oedipus had done for the city, it shows that he is a good man that cares for others. He left the city in order to keep it alive, which means a lot to the people who lived there.
All in all, throughout the story Oedipus showed the audience that he was a good man, besides him killing his father, but who wouldn’t get mad after someone bothering you for a while. Even Though Oedipus did not know that Laius was his dad and Jocasta was his mother, he understood what he had done was wrong and blamed himself for everything. Oedipus was brave enough to leave the city in order for it to be back to a healthy
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