Oedipus Rex Controversy Essay

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Bill Cosby is a well-known celebrity for his works on “The Cosby Show”, “I Spy”, and his voice over works on “Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids” and “Little Bill”. For most of his career Cosby was known for his acting, comedy, father figure, and a friendly loveable personality. However, Cosby was recently accused of drugging and sexually assaulting over fifty women. When he was finally put on trial the judge declared a mistrial. But at the end of the day we have a man famous for his good father character revealed to be a serial rapist. The tale of an ideal male who ultimately creates his own destruction has been constantly seen within history and literature. Take for example Sophocles’ play of Oedipus Rex, in this play, we learn about a man…show more content…
Oedipus sin of incest was bedding and having children with his mother. The sin was not ever said clearly by either Jocasta or Oedipus. Instead when Jocasta realizes what she had done she begged Oedipus that, “in the name of God, if you care at all for your own life, you must not go on with this. I cannot bear it anymore” (Sophocles 24). Oedipus sees what he had done a later shouting, “O God! O no! I see it now! All clear! . . . Sin! Sin in my birth! Sin in my marriage! Sin in Blood” (Sophocles 27). When they both saw what they had done they could not believe it all they could do was just see what they had not been seen before.
These crimes he committed were in ignorance because he unknowingly killed his father and bedded his mother. He does not begin to question his father’s legitimacy until a man, “half-drunk and shouting that [Oedipus] was not rightly called [his] father’s son” (Sophocles 18). After getting a confusing respond from Apollo about his parents Oedipus runs away never thinking about that until the day of Polybus’, his foster father, death. It was not until then when the messenger said that, “Polybus was no relative of [Oedipus]” when he finds out that they were not his real parents” (Sophocles 23).
Jocasta controversial sin was intentionally exposing her child. Jocasta admitted that, “As for the child—when he was
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