Oedipus Rex

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Oedipus: An Exceptional Man In all the passages that have been written through history on how an excellent man should behave, one writing stands out from all of them. Aristotle’s, The High-Minded Man. This manuscript explains that for any play to be truly considered a tragedy, its hero must meet Aristotle’s standards for a high-minded man. In the tragedy of Oedipus Rex, by Sophacles, Oedipus clearly meets the requirements to be called a high-minded man. Oedipus is expressive about his thoughts, exceptionally important in society, and lastly an honorable man. One of the characteristics of a high-minded man that Oedipus shows is in how one who is high-minded should always be expressive about the way he feels. “He must care for the truth…show more content…
If a man is not honorable then he is not high-minded. “No, I have been in tears for a long while…I have sent Kreon… To Delphi…to learn there, if he can, what act or pledge of mine may save the city.” (Witt, 110). In this portion of Oedipus Rex, Oedipus hears that the citizens of Thebes are suffering, and so he sends Kreon to the oracle to find out what it is that is making his people suffer. In trying to figure out what the citizen‘s problems are and completely embracing the duties of his kingship, Oedipus is showing great honor. For if he were not an honorable king, he wouldn’t care for his city as long as him and his family lived a pleasant life. These are only some of the many examples there are in showing how Oedipus’ actions and characteristics match those of a high-minded man. Aristotle’s requisites for being called a high-minded man are accomplished by Oedipus in Oedipus Rex. This story not only serves as a way to gain entertainment, but also as a lesson to all people. It shows how a truly high-minded man, or exemplary man, should behave in many situations as Oedipus did. The traits that he shows help us in many ways today. Publicly speaking is a very important characteristic to have in these times, since mostly everything in life revolves around communicating with others. Having an important role in society also benefits you in many ways. As well as being honorable, since these people are

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