Oedipus Rex Motifs And Symbols

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Oedipus Rex Motifs and Symbols
The paths (3 crossroads): Expressed three independent ways Oedipus could have chosen to continue his life, and Oedipus chose the inferior road.
Oedipus’s legs: Oedipus’s damaged legs and feet symbolize his painful upbringing. As well as this, it represents his mental health, which is damaged just like his feet.
Vision: Oedipus can actually see, while Tiresias is actually blind. Yet, even though he can see, Oedipus is blind enough to not recognize that he killed his own father and has married his own mother. On the other hand, Tiresias predicts and can see the future of Oedipus.
Character List and Significance
Oedipus: The Protagonist and King of Thebes who killed his father and married his mother. Oedipus virtually and physically causes trouble in Thebes.
Jocasta: Oedipus’s mother and his wife, who marries Oedipus completing the “prophecy”
Creon: Jocasta’s brother as well as the Prince of Thebes. Creon is always determined to gain power.
Tiresias: A Prophet and the instigator of a prophecy, which determines Oedipus and his life.
Shepherd: A servant who saved Oedipus and his life by delivering him to the King and Queen of Corinth.
Priest: Tries to save Thebes by trying to get rid of the problems introduced by Oedipus. In order to do so, he tries to involve the Oracle.
Chorus: Carries and helps develop the story by exaggerating and displaying each characters emotion as well as questions certain events throughout the story.
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