Oedipus The King : A Tragic Hero

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Like most greek tragedies, Oedipus the King had a tragic hero whose downfall was the result of a tragic flaw. Oedipus, like other greek characters, did not see his errors until his reign was coming to an end. Oedipus, the man who saved Thebes did not understand that every good thing must come to an end. A tragic hero defined by Aristotle has five characteristics that lead to their downfall and their understanding of why the situation happened. Oedipus is the ideal tragic hero because his downfall followed the five characteristics.
Hubris, translation is excessive pride. This this is a term that is mostly used to define greek literature. Oedipus was a very proud man because of his victory against the Sphinx. To the citizens of Thebes his was their idol; Oedipus the Great, the king who tried to control his fate. Oedipus tried to control his fate when he ran away from Corinth after hearing the prophecy told by Apollo’s oracle, “I fled in the opposite direction From Corinth” (808-809). Ironically his attempt to escape fate was the cause of his downfall because if he did not attempt to run away from the prophecy he would not have done what he feared the most.
Besides from having a noble stature, which is one of the most important characteristics considered by Aristotle because he believed a tragic hero must be better than the ordinary man. An ideal tragic hero is a man that is superior and holds a high social standard, but also intelligent. Another event that resulted in the…
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