Oedipus The King Justice And Injustice Essay

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My grandma repeatedly stated that, “Life is full of injustice, but we have got to deal with that and move on.” Individuals always face injustice, and the way someone responds to this shows their true character. Most writing pieces develop around this theme, and their respective author innovate entertainment through this process. In Oedipus Rex, the main character, Oedipus, is placed in a tremendously difficult situation. He faced a great deal of injustice and the manner in which he responds is utterly incredible.
Since Oedipus is king and has had a pleasing life, his basic understanding of justice is limited, to say the least. Apart from escaping his former kingdom, Rex’s life has been tremendously serene. Therefore, Oedipus finds himself in
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In reality, since Oedipus is not aware of his true identity until everything is ultimately revealed, Rex is truly not seeking justice. Even though Oedipus is not searching for justice, the amount of injustice that bombards him is truly remarkable. Discovering that the oracle he had ran away led to him actually completing his own fate was too much for Oedipus to handle, so he decided to remove his eyes in a revolting manner.
In addition, the significance of the injustice Oedipus is delivered is that he seeked the assassin of Laius when in reality, he was the one responsible for the former king’s death. Moving on, this gives a sense of irony to the play of how Oedipus is frantically investigating on the murder so that the plague is revoked; however, Rex had absolutely no idea that he was, in fact, the killer of Laius, his father. Also, the play shows us that no one, not even the noblest men, are free from facing a great amount of injustice against them.
In conclusion, Oedipus’ fate had been predetermined, and he had no control over the situation he was set on. In fact, the only dilemma Rex could actually control was the way he responded to injustice. Although he, sadly, blinded himself in a quite brutal way, his reasoning for this and the words he uttered displayed how he was a great
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