Oedipus The King, The Culture, And The Gods

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According to Greek Culture, Gods’ assume a part to depict one 's life and their destiny. In “Oedipus the King,” the culture, and the Gods’ anticipate what is yet to come in the life of Oedipus. However, on the contrary Oedipus being a monarch possesses a dignity that cannot be accepted to grip such a hopeless destiny. The predictions prognosticated to his folks, drove Oedipus to be deserted and carry out the wrongdoings. At last, he is directed to confront the results by the Greek traditions. Nonetheless, the Islamic culture disallows such acts that occurred in the play. In the event that the Greek culture in this play was substituted by Islamic culture, according to the ethical estimations of this culture Oedipus ' character would be…show more content…
Oedipus, being a tremendous leader of Islam, would modify the way individuals view him. He will be known as someone who is not pitiless, awful or can even express an antagonistic word against anyone. The essence that the Holy Prophet holds, cannot set out any being to persume his bad character and blame him for low acts contrasted with Oedipus. Thus, if Oedipus somehow happened to hold a solid identity as a Muslim King, he could likewise be accustomed a similar regard and not be questioned after, hindering himself from confronting allegations from others. As a Greek ruler, Oedipus does not have the same characteristics as The Holy Prophet Muhammad, rather he reaches his seniors in an inadmissible way. Oedipus ' outrage hits the rooftop as Teiresias uncovers the wrongdoing he submits and lashes out the predictions of his reviled future. Oedipus trying to claim ignorance, seethes “it has – but not for you; no not Sabahet 2 for you, Shameless and brainless, sightless, senseless sot!” (Sophocles, 362). In spite of the fact, Oedipus holds great prestige, his outrage swings to be the most noticeably bad for him as he gives slighting remarks regarding Teiresias’ inability. Thus, Oedipus refuses to accept the prophecies. On the off chance, Oedipus was very much aware about how he had unwittingly murdered a man on his adventure, he won’t invalidate but could put effort in finding out who the man was. Nonetheless, Oedipus knows that the
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