Oedipus The King Vs Jocasta Essay

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Plays are meant to be watched not just to be read. A play by definition is a dramatic performance. Do you realize there are many more benefits to watching plays rather than reading plays? Watching plays keep all the characters in the storyline, permits you to see emotions and heightens your experiences.
When you watch a play the audience is aware of all the characters weather they have speaking lines or not. When reading a play the reader loses characters that do not show up on the page as they have no speaking lines. The characters have a presence on stage interacting with the other characters even without dialogue. Characters may use body language without words to convey meanings. As seen in Oedipus the King, Jocasta has a few lines
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Some of the ways the character emotions are expressed are by body language, facial expression and movement. The dramatic performance adds to the developing and understanding of each character. As in the play Oedipus the King, Jocasta appears on stage listening to Oedipus describe his fate. Her face shows great concern as she covers her mouth in disbelief. The audience is aware that Jocasta understands what has happened. She knows the entire plot. In print the reader is unaware that Jocasta realizes the truth to the tragedy. Characters mood and emotions on stage add to the meaning of the play. Plays are meant to be experienced. Characters come alive through their actions, mood, and costumes. Watching a play becomes a multi sensory experience. The audience gains the benefit of the playwright’s script along with the actors’ interpretations and research. The stage lighting is used to add to the mood and meaning of the story. Along with the lighting there are sound effects to enhance your experience. Watching gives all these experiences where reading only gives dialogue. The dramatic performance heightens the experience. There are many more benefits to watching plays rather than reading plays. Watching plays adds to your experience, allows you to see characters’ emotions, and keeps all characters n view. Watching plays far exceeds reading plays. So turn up your inner emotions and go see a
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