Oedipus The King's Theory Of Tragedy

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Oedipus follows Aristotle's theory of tragedy by depicting a hero who loses his crown because of his pride.
Oedipus, once born a prince of a very successful kingdom, was forced to live a life fated to a sour outcome, and that’s all thanks to his selfish parents who thought they could misuse the power of the Gods. All because his parents wanted to know their fortune, which is why there are fortune tellers, they will tell you what you want to hear. So Oedipus was left to die out in the mountains because the Oracle gave them a terrible fate. But that was the biggest mistake they could have ever made, by asking the Oracle what their future holds they were unknowingly creating an inescapable destiny that will ruin their lives. And here’s their …show more content…

Oedipus resists the soothsayer, saying he will welcome reality as long as it liberates his kingdom from the torment. Oedipus debilitates Creon with death, however Jocasta and the general population prompt him against doing viciousness on the quality of talk or flashing enthusiasm. Oedipus yields, however he expels Creon.

Jocasta, lamented by the hostility between her sibling and Oedipus, reveals to her better half that a prophet educated King Laius that he would be murdered by his own youngster, the posterity of Laius and Jocasta. Jocasta guarantees Oedipus this couldn't occur on the grounds that the kid was surrendered on a left mountainside not long after birth. At the point when Oedipus hears promote that Laius was slaughtered by thieves at the meeting spot of three streets and that the three streets met in Phocis, he is profoundly exasperates and starts to presume that he is, all things considered, the killer. He dithers to uncover his doubt, however he turns out to be increasingly persuaded of his own blame.

Oedipus reveals to Jocasta that he trusted himself to be the child of Polybus of Corinth and Merope until the point that a tipsy man on one event declared that the youthful Oedipus was not by any stretch of the imagination Polybus' child. Exasperates, Oedipus counseled the prophet of Apollo, who disclosed to him he would sire youngsters by his own particular mother and that he would murder his own dad. After he cleared out Corinth, at a

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