Essay on Oedipus, a Tragic Hero

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Oedipus a Tragic Hero

What is a tragic hero? A Tragic hero is a man or character who has great influence, makes an error in his or her actions, and who must suffer the consequences of those actions. Oedipus’ tragic flaws starts with his excessive pride which leads to overconfidence as the people in the city lift him up and feed his ego: “You are not one of the immortal gods we know; Yet we have come to you to make our prayer. As to the man of all men best in adversity and wisest in the ways of God.” (Prologue, Line 34-37)

Personality/character changes that moved him from being a great king to a blind man.
In the prologue Oedipus is seen as a captain of the ship: “Ah, when years of kingship are remembered, let them not say we rose,
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He begs and then demands that the seer tell him what he knows: “What a wicked old man you are! You’d try a stone’s patience! Out with it!” (P968, line 118,119)

By Scene 2 Creon learns that Oedipus is making accusations against him. At this point Oedipus is angry and starts interrogating Creon: “Do you think I do not know that you plotted to kill me, plotted to steal my throne?” (P.972, line 22, 23) Things are getting worse as he acts like a hunter while questioning Creon.

Next enters his wife/mother Iocaste and she tries to get them both to be reasonable. She gets Oedipus to tell her what he thinks is happening. After he tells her about the charges brought against him she tells him, “Set your mind at rest” and begins to tell him the story of how King Laios was killed. While she is talking, memories and facts for Oedipus are being revealed: “How strange a shadowy memory crossed my mind, just now while you were speaking; it chilled my heart.” (P977, line 200) He then asks her to get the servant who was there when Laios was killed. While they are waiting Iocaste gets Oedipus to confide in her more and he tells her his life story before he met her. This is where you see how compatible they are. He is searching for truth and she wants to help him.

In scene 3 a messenger from Corinth arrives to let Oedipus know that his father, Polybos the king is dead. This brings some relief to him as it seems that

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