Oedipus and Chorus Leader

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By Sophocles; translated by Ian Johnston
Dramatis Personae (Fill in relationship information for each character listed.)
ANTIGONE: ________________________ ISMENE: ______________________________
CREON: ____________________________ EURYDICE: ___________________________
HAEMON: __________________________ TEIRESIAS: ___________________________
Polynieces: __________________________ Eteocles: ______________________________
Oedipus: Father of Antigone, Ismene, Polynices Jocasta: _______________________________ and Eteocles; son and husband to Jocasta
[In Thebes, directly in front of the royal palace, which stands in the background, its main doors facing the audience. Enter
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So I’ll ask those underground for pardon— 80 since I’m being compelled, I will obey those in control. That’s what I’m forced to do. It makes no sense to try to do too much. ANTIGONE I wouldn’t urge you to. No. Not even if you were keen to act. Doing this with you would bring me no joy. So be what you want. I’ll still bury him. It would be fine to die while doing that. I’ll lie there with him, with a man I love, pure and innocent, for all my crime. As for you, 90 well, if you wish, you can show contempt for those laws the gods all hold in honour. ISMENE I’m not disrespecting them. But I can’t act against the state. That’s not in my nature. ANTIGONE Let that be your excuse. I’m going now to make a burial mound for my dear brother. ISMENE Make sure you don’t reveal to anyone what you intend. Keep it closely hidden. I’ll do the same. ANTIGONE No, no. Announce the
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