Oedipus the Kings Destiny

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What is the reason for Oedipus’s downfall? Is he putting himself in this tragic situation or is it his fate from the gods for his mighty downfall. Oedipus the king is a play that explores these questions as to whether an individual’s fate and destiny is determined by an outside force or if the individual determines it. Oedipus is the protagonist and fate or even himself is the antagonist. There are good reasons for both circumstances to be correct and that’s what I am going to explain today. Oedipus along his journey runs into a lot of problems. First he runs into a lot of obstacles such as hearing news form people about himself that he didn’t know. This is an example of fate because these people just happened to come about and know about these things at different parts on his journey. On the other hand Oedipus gets himself in this situation by thinking to highly of himself and going overboard when he makes difficult decisions and that’s why he could of put himself in this situation. Oedipus could be in the situation he is in because he is following a prophecy which is meant for him to follow the path he is on. The people he ran into along his journey were meant to be there because it was his fate. The prophet Tiresias knows the true story of what happened and when Oedipus goes to see him, he begs him to reveal who Laius’s murderer is, but Tiresias answers that he knows but wishes he didn’t. Oedipus get annoyed at the riddles that Tiresias is telling him that he blames him
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