Of Abraham Lincoln, Abraham Lincoln And The President Of The Civil War?

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War is chaos and the devil itself. It represents the cruelty and darkness in the human heart. In 1861, a Civil War broke out between the North and the South. A soldier who served in the Civil War said in a letter to his parents, “Many became ill from exposure and starvation, and were left on the road.” (“Letters and Diaries,” 1862) The war continued for four years and was considered by historians as the most devastating war the United States has witnessed. Nonetheless, the Civil War produced two of the most brilliant minds in American history: Abraham Lincoln and Nathan Bedford Forrest. Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the United States of America, served as the main strategist for the North during the Civil War and Nathan Bedford Forrest was a Lieutenant General in the Confederate Army. Both Lincoln and Forrest came from humble origins and worked their way to success. However, Lincoln gained his position as a President by using his tact and diplomacy although he was not appreciated for his clever decisions and authority while Forrest became a General through aggression and was praised by the South as a great tactician and a war hero. Abraham Lincoln’s endeavor and success in granting equal rights for African-American will remain forever in the heart of later generations.
First, Abraham Lincoln and Nathan Bedford Forrest were not blessed with fortune and opportunity but they achieved their goals through perseverance and great effort. Abraham Lincoln was born in 1809
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