Of English 10. 8 May 2017. Ryan Memmer. 6Th Period. Mrs.

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of English 10 8 May 2017 Ryan Memmer 6th Period Mrs. Parker English 10 13 April 2017 The Story of Harper Lee There are many famous authors in the world known today. These authors put in the work required and sacrificed much of their time. Harper Lee is one of these authors who faced obstacles in her life. She published many different works and had a successful career. Even though there were challenges she had to endeavor, nevertheless she showed perseverance because of her dedication. Nelle Harper Lee was born on April 28, 1926 in Monroeville, Alabama. Harper Lee gets her name Nelle because the letters were backwards from her grandmother’s name, Ellen. Her father’s name was Amasa Coleman Lee, and Lee was a lawyer. Harper Lee’s…show more content…
After working at the bookstore, Harper Lee left to work as a reservation clerk at an airline. She pursued this career, so she could work during the day and continue writing during the nighttime. Her friends gave Lee a boost from having to write during the nighttime and gave her some money, so she could just pursue writing full time. Despite her mother passing away and her brother also passing away, she worked on her novel for many years (Anderson). Harper Lee has major works that have received major recognitions and have won Lee many different prestigious awards. As mentioned prior, Lee has loved to write her entire life. On April 1, 1937 Harper Lee published the poem “Springtime”. This poem was published in The Monroe Journal a local newspaper in the town. Her father ran this newspaper, and Lee was just eleven years old when she wrote this. Harper Lee did publish other works, but these works have not been collected because most of her works were in literary magazines while Lee was attending college. She wrote two short stories in the Spring 1945 issue of Prelude. Prelude was the literary journal of the school. Charles J. Shield said that Lee had began writing another book, The Long Goodbye. He reported that Lee had written at least 111 pages. Lee gave permission to Patrick Cather to reprint a short essay that talked about the history of Alabama and her passion for the history in the pamphlet called Romance and High

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