Of Mice And Men American Dream Analysis

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In the novel Of Mice and Men, author John Steinbeck portrays how the American dream is difficult to achieve during the great depression. Many characters have dreams, for example, Curley's wife, candy, and George and Lennie. The American dream plays an important role in everybody's life whether you achieve your goal or fail trying. Many characters in this novel tell their dreams. George and Lennie want to have their own place. For instance, in chapter one, Lennie and George explain what they want on their land. “An’ live off the fatta the lan,” Lennie shouted. “An have rabbits go on, I tell you about what we're gonna have on the garden and about the rain in the winter.” The importance of this quote is that Lennie and George simply want a little place and of being their own bosses. This brings hope to the helpless men working and traveling from ranch to ranch. This quote motivates George and Lennie to work and fulfill their dreams. For example, chapter one page eleven, George expresses his feelings towards how his life could be so much easier without …show more content…

Any chance he can get to own his own land he will. Such as, in chapter three, migrant workers all have something in common. They all want a piece of their own land. Candy, old swamper also wants a small place. “George and Lennie’s dream into George, Lennie and Candy’s dream.” Candy wants to join in on George and Lennie’s dream because he thinks he isn’t useful and will be canned. Candy doesn’t have relatives so he wants to give what he has to George and Lennie. Candy will be very helpful towards achieving their dream. Also, in chapter 3 Candy describes how long he has had his dog. “I had him so long, had him since he was a pup.” The relationship between Candy and his dog is similar towards Lennie and George in the sense that they want the best for each other. Candy joined in on George and Lennie’s dream to live in a small place with his

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