Of Mice And Men And Macbeth Conflict Essay

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Texts that deal with the theme of conflict make us think. Conflict is the centre of all dramatic development in the three texts I will be discussing. These are Macbeth, by William Shakespeare, of Mice and Men, by John Steinbeck, and O Brother Where Art Thou’, directed by Joel Coen. There are many forms of conflict expressed in these texts. These include both emotional and physical conflict. Conflict has been brought about in many ways throughout these texts. Most of which has been fuelled by inner discord. However a person’s inner conflict can often lead to violent activity. This demonstrates that both forms of conflict are indeed affiliated. OMAM tells the story of a sharp witted man and his simple friend who find work in California’s…show more content…
This internal conflict ripped George up inside, debating the right thing to do. It was more humane to end his life quickly, and George knew that if he truly loved Lennie, he would see to it that his death would be quick and merciful, in contrast to the fate that he would receive at the hands of the ranch hands. The end of the novel (also Lennie death) is set in the same place which it began. The repetition of the setting binds the story together. Lennie associates this place with safety. "Hide in the bush till i come for you." The major irony of the novel is that George kills Lennie because he loves him. The irony is furthered as the pistol George steals to kill Lennie was earlier used to kill an old dog, in order to save it from suffering and misery. When the dog is killed, the ranch hands show compassion for the owner’s loss, but when George experiences a similar plight, and perhaps a worse one, the ranch hands are unable to comprehend his loss and feel no sympathy. However a greatly respected ranch hand named Slim is the only one who notices the irony of the shooting and comforts George by telling him "you hadda... I swear you hadda". The old dog and Lennie are also symbols that represent the fate of anyone that has outlived his or her purpose. Even though it causes him much inner turmoil, George kills Lennie to save him from a society that misunderstands him. Georges dream is an important symbol in the book, as it represents

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