Of Mice And Men And The Great Gatsby

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The two novels The Great Gatsby and Of Mice and Men are very similar in many ways. In The Great Gatsby, Jay Gatsby spends his whole life working towards a dream. He grew up dirt poor, and eventually made himself into a millionaire. However, his entire dream was centered around one person, a married woman named Daisy Buchanan. Right when he was the closest to achieving his dream, Gatsby was shot and killed for something he didn’t do. In Of Mice and Men, Lennie and George make every decision in life with one thing in mind, their dream of owning their own ranch someday. Lennie’s life revolves around that dream; it is all he thinks about. Lennie even dies while still envisioning how he desperately wanted his life to turn out. In these two novels,…show more content…
Even though Lennie and George are poor, they dream of climbing up the social ladder. They don’t want to be millionaires like Gatsby, they just want a small farm with their own land to tend to and animals to raise. They want to work for themselves and be able to take off work and go to the carnival whenever they want to. While George wants this dream also, I think that Lennie is the one who needs it the most. Lennie’s entire life is centered around this one dream, and it is all he ever talks about. George tells him the story several times throughout the novel. George and Lennie travel as migrant workers to earn money to achieve their dream. They too want material things, however their dream is slightly more reasonable. Lennie tells about wishing to raise chickens and rabbits and tending to their own crops. They want to better themselves from the poor workers they are now, into comfortable and profitable farmers. Not only does Lennie want these things to live a fulfilling life, he also wants to fit in. Many other people, like the man he works for, own their own land, and he wants to do the same. In addition to both George and Lennie wanting to fit in with society, Lennie also wants to fit in with the other men on the ranch. He specifically wants to be accepted and loved by George, who sometimes makes Lennie feel like a burden. At one point, Lennie offers to leave and go life on his own, but George realizes that he is hurting his feelings, so he apologizes and they continue on with working to attain their goal. Similarly to The Great Gatsby, George and Lennie are very close to attaining their goal when it all comes crashing down. Lennie gets himself into trouble and George is forced to make a very difficult decision, whether to shoot Lennie and let him die peacefully, or let the other men find him first and possibly torture him. George decides to let
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