Of Mice And Men By John Steinback

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The novel, ‘Of Mice and Men’ was written by John Steinback, whom depicts how life was like for men and women in the 1930’s. From the outset, we were shown through the title itself ‘Of Mice and Men’ that the novel wouldn’t end well for George and Lennie. As this title was inspired by a Scottish poet whom said in his famous poem ‘To a Mouse’ ‘…the best laid schemes o’ Mice and Men, Gang aft agley’, conveys how no matter how well we may plan the future, things will often go wrong and obstacles will appear. Additionally, despite the American dream – the lack of hope, violence and harshness surrounding the men; gave a clear view into the lives of migrant workers such as George and Lennie. Portraying how the American dream is deemed unattainable for the men at the ranch, whom are destined to fall prey to a vicious cycle of harshness and violence – unable to escape from the world that they are living in. Steinback shows how the theme tragedy is prevalent throughout the novel, by the use of the setting. As the use of the word ‘Soledad’ gives off a sense of impending doom, due to it connoting to the idea of solitude and being alone. This therefore foreshadows the ending of the novel, as George and Lennie’s friendship comes to a tragic end because of Lennie’s death. Conveying how George is eventually going to succumb to the harsh and unfriendly life of a migrant worker, as George solely relied on Lennie for companionship in the lonely environment. Furthermore, in result of the
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