Of Mice And Men By John Steinback

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“‘All the time he coulda had such a great time if it wasn’t for you. He woulda took his pay an’ raised hell in a whore house, and he coulda set in a poolroom an’ played snooker. But he got to take care of you.’” (Steinback, 1937 pg.101). In the novel Of Mice and Men, written by John Steinback in 1937, Steinback focuses on the journey of two friends George and Lennie with a unique special bond. Throughout the novel, the two friends share one mutual dream as they work towards it. As the story progresses in the novel, new characters such as; Curley and his wife, Crooks, Candy and Slim are introduced as well as new challenges and problems for the two friends to face together or alone. Will they stay together in the end? Or part ways? In the novel, one of the recurring themes is dependence, which often shown when Lennie has to depend on George, Curley and his wife’s dependence on each other and Crooks on the factory. Subsequently, in the beginning of the novel George and Lennie are seen walking side by side down a path together. Right away someone, can easily distinguish their unique relationship as Steinback describes their contrasting appearances and personalities. With this, one can start to sense Lennie’s great dependence on his friend George. Adding onto how that proves, that Lennie is dependent on George, is when it’s mentioned that George must carry both of their bus tickets as well as work cards. This clearly displays Lennie’s dependence on George and George’s lack

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