Of Mice And Men By John Steinbeck

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The novella “Of Mice and Men” written by John Steinbeck in 1937 is a novel that juxtaposes hope and dreams against hardships and perseverance. Readers are positioned to accept the unattainability of the American dream during the great depression. The statement “...every damn one of ‘em’s got a little piece of land in his head. And never a God damn one of ‘em ever gets it” (Pg.73) is plausible to a great extent, exemplified through the failure of several characters hoping in achieving their own dreams. This is mainly emphasised with George and Lennie’s goal to own land, Crookes dream of racial equality and Curley’s wife’s wish of being noticed in society. Lennie and George’s dream of owning “a little house and a couple of acres” (16) and “tending rabbits” (45) was completely plausible with consistent teamwork. Being a team, Lenny was “… a hell of a good worker” (23) where as George was the smart one who supported and protected Lenny seen when he is reinsured by George saying “I got your back” (15). Together they were successfully able to work their way towards their goal, and at a point in time “They looked at one another, amazed this thing they had never really believed in was coming true.” (60) When Candy offered to join their group. Since then the typical American dream was just at their fingertips, and team work was one of the vital aspects to why they were succeeding. However, due to Lennie’s ignorance to the world around him, their progress towards achieving their goal

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