Of Mice And Men By John Steinbeck

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Of Mice and Men How much trust would you put in a mentally challenged man? In the novella, written by John Steinbeck, Lennie faces many challenges with his guardian, George. Of Mice and Men is set in Soledad, California during the 1930’s. Times were extremely tough during the Great Depression, especially during the severe drought in the Great Plains. Lennie is a mentally handicapped man, who just tries to live an ordinary life. Lennie’s committed serious and normally inexcusable actions, however due to his current mental state he cannot receive all of the blame. The average man, represented by George and Lennie, faced extreme difficulties in finding work. George and Lennie are farmers who become migrant workers due to the instability in most ordinary jobs, which are even less stable for Lennie. Lennie commits some questionable acts, however he should not be held accountable for these actions because he is not fully aware of the nature of the crimes or the situations. Lennie Small is a gentle giant who possesses somewhat superhuman strength that ultimately leads to tragedy. Steinbeck first introduces Lennie to the readers in the opening scene as one who possesses great strength when he has killed, by accident, the pet mouse he has in his pocket. Readers also learn that it is not the first time Lennie has accidently killed pets. In the novel, Lennie is portrayed as gentle and kind in regard to animals, as he pets mice and dreams about petting rabbits. However, this

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