Of Mice And Men By John Steinbeck

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The novel Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck is placed in the time period of the Great Depression. Poverty haunted the minds of men and made them evil and twisted. Dreams were the only source of comfort after a day’s work in the ranch as seen in Lennie and George’s dream of buying their own ranch and “ livin’ fatta’ of the land’ ”To achieve their dream now was harder than ever due to depletion in money during the Great Depression. After George kills Lennie, he realizes that by killing Lennie, the dream got killed too. Steinbeck shows that dreams amount to nothing unless you have someone to share them with which is seen in the cases of George and Lennie, Candy, and finally Curley’s wife.
Lennie and George share the typical American Dream; to own land and prosper in life. However what distinguishes themselves from the other ranch hands is they are doing it together. George consoles himself and Lennie by repeating “We got a future”(page 14). George is using the word ‘future’ in the context of how they will achieve something together by “livin’ off the fatta the land’” (page 14). The purpose of the dream is to give them hope and not to fall in the pit of poverty and despair. George uses the word ‘we’ to distinguish themselves from ‘them other guys’. The way he uses ‘we’, the reader realizes how close of a bond Lennie and George share. George ad Lennie feel special because “[George] got you[Lennie] to look after me, and you[Lennie] got me [George] to look after
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