Of Mice And Men By John Steinbeck

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Plot Summary: The setting of the novella Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck began south of Soledad, California in a riverbed near the Salinas River. The time was during the 1930s with the Great Depression. The two main protagonists, George and Lennie, enters the scene resting after the long walk toward the new ranch where they would work. They decided to camp out in their newly discovered paradise and wait for tomorrow to do their job. Amid making dinner, George threw away Lennie’s dead mouse and ended the night by comforting themselves by talking about their future plan and dream. The next Friday morning, they arrived at their bunkhouse and settled in after meeting the boss and an old swamper by the name of Candy. Later in the evening,…show more content…
The next Saturday evening, almost all the men went to town. Crooks, the black, crooked man, was greeted by Lennie, who was looking for company as George had went with the other. They passed the time with Lennie revealing the plan and with Crooks teasing Lennie until he got mad. Then Candy entered the abode, also disclosing the plan, and eventually Crooks shyly suggested taking him along. However, Curley’s wife interjected right then, looking for her husband. Curley’s wife, who’s describe as a tart and trouble, then reveals her true character and herself while disparaging the “weak ones”. The scene ended with the men coming back from town, causing the company to leave Crooks alone again. The following Sunday afternoon, only Lennie was in the barn with his new but now dead puppy. After idling about what to do, he began to bury to puppy under the hay. Curley’s wife enters, and though hesitant, they discussed about themselves for a bit. At its peak, when Curley’s wife allowed Lennie to feel her hair, Lennie accidently killed her. He runs off to the riverbed where George had previously told him to go if he got into trouble. Candy and George finds her and tersely plots a way to smooth things over. Unfortunately, Curley wanted Lennie dead and everyone except Candy goes to hunt him down. In the final scene, Lennie shows a short vision of his ill mentality. George
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