Of Mice And Men By John Steinbeck

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America is always been known as a land of opportunity. Migrants move to America, passing down to generation after generation, hard work will end up in the American Dream. Like the fore fathers express, America is also the land of equality, therefore making it possible for anyone to get rich as long as they were willing to work hard for it. Still, many American writers illustrate that in the harsh realities of life there is no society where only a handful of people become rich. In a miserable 1930’s California, most people have very little money and no opportunities to become successful economically. However, the belief that the American dream and opportunities existed still created an incredible feat to which people can look forward too. In the novella, Of Mice and Men, Steinbeck depicts the lives of migrant workers in California during the 1930’s. George, an everyday worker, has an idealistic view of what is to come in the future. He dreams, Lennie, his lifelong friend, and him can buy a piece of land, which they could call their own. Curley’s Wife, the ranch owners, daughter in law, dreams to become an actress. Lastly, Crooks, the “Stable Buck” dreams to have a purpose in life. The American Dream is a common goal between the characters in the novella. Throughout the novel, John Steinbeck cleverly shows the proximity between the principles of the American dream and the harsh reality of boundless poverty. In Of Mice and Men, the author, John Steinbeck uses the characters of

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