Of Mice And Men Curley's Wife Newspaper Article

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I am a News reporter from Sky News. And I am going to tell about a murder that happened a year ago. The victim’s name was named Lennie. We got to know that he was mentally challenged. The Killer was his own friend named George.
This all started with Curley's wife's death. (Curley’s wife is the ranch owner's son’s wife) Curley’s wife was found in the barn with a broken neck. Old candy found her in the barn. He called all people and Curley. Curley was angry and know that Lennie has killed his wife. Curley thought this because Lennie crushed his hand and also Curley don’t like the big guys. But, other all people were telling that Lennie can’t kill Curley’s wife. But, Curley didn’t listen to them.
Then, they all gone to find Lennie with Curley. Also, Curley told George to stay with them so he doesn't think that George also is involved in his wife’s murder and also he know that where is Lennie. Before they go to find Lennie Curley told Carlson to go and get his gun. But, when Carlson has gone to his room and tried to find the handgun, but he can’t so he told
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George took Carlson gun and shoot Lennie. In the text it said, “Yeah. He had your gun.” In the text it said, “But George sat stiffly on the bank and looked at his right hand that had thrown the gun away.”(page: 107)We heard that a reporter had asked few questions to Slim and he said that Carlson handgun was used to kill Lennie, he also says that George killed Lennie, and Problem between Lennie the victim and Curley was that Curley don't like big guys and the victim was a big guy. Defense Investigator asked questions to Crooks said that Lennie on purpose to give punishment to kill Curley’s wife. But when we went to the Courthouse while investing of George by Prosecuting Lawyer. Lawyer asked question to George but George said in his answer. No, he didn’t killed Lennie. He has also never seen anyone in the crime
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