Of Mice And Men Dialectical Journal Essay

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I wake up to see Lennie standing over my bed and staring at me, and poking my arm. He keeps saying my name over, and over again trying waking me up. I get up and push him off of me because he is getting too obsessive. I get out of my burlap sack, and instantly feel A knot in my back. I shake it off, and pull all the ticks off of me. Lennie asks me what we are doing today even though I already told him what we were doing last night. Then I tell him that we are hauling bags of grain to the barn. I put on a rugged pair of denim overalls with a dirty white shirt underneath that stinks. I ignore the smell because I have gotten used to it. We go and get or company brekfast of slop with a side of slop. Lennie digs right in without a second thought, I on the other hand can barely choke it down, but I need the protein. Then after almost regurgitating my food Lennie, and I head off to a long day's work.…show more content…
Our shack is not much better than being outside because there are holes in the roof and it is more humid in here than out there. We cool off in the local stream and get a loaf of bread and soup for the afternoon lunch. After our bellies are stuffed we go back to work. I can tell on the other guys faces that they don't want to be here anymore than anyone else. But we all have to push through it to get our pay so we can get our pay. After hours go by, and it feels like day we all go to which is the best part because the cool air is refreshing, Lennie and I sit up and look at the stars the we both go into our shack. We strip down to our boxers and climb in our bunks and I can feel the creepy crawlies crawling all over my body, and I can see in Lennie's eyes that he is scared, and confused about what is crawling around on his body. I fall asleep and before we know it we are waking up and it is all starting over
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