What Was The Last Prank George Played On Lennie

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Directions: On a separate piece of loose leaf paper, using an appropriate heading, answer the following in COMPLETE SENTENCES.
CHAPTER 1 (Pgs. 1-17)
1. Describe the setting (time and place) of Chapter 1.
2. Steinbeck incorporates the literary technique of imagery (mental pictures) in this chapter. Explain where and how the author uses this technique of imagery.
3. John Steinbeck uses animal imagery to describe Lennie, give examples.
5. Lennie is forgetful; therefore what would George not allow Lennie to carry?
6. Why does Lennie always want to carry a mouse with him?
7. Why does Lennie kill the mice that he has received?
8. George and Lennie were run out of
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31. Describe the setting of Chapter 3.
32. What does George say when Slim calls Lennie a cuckoo?
33. What type of relationship is developing between Slim and George?
34. What was the last prank George played on Lennie? Why?
35. What further details do we learn about the incident in Weed? (Give Specifics)
36. In what way is Lennie like a kid rather than an adult? Give an Example.
37. Who is Whit?
38-39. What happens to Candy’s dog? Who does it? How? Be Specific.
40. How is Slim like a judge? How did he pass verdict on the dog?
41. Who is Crooks? How did he get his name?
42. What is old Susy’s place?
43. There is symbolism in the situation with Candy’s dog. Tell how this incident is symbolic of Candy’s own life on the ranch.
44. What regret does Candy have?
45-46. In detail from beginning to end, explain how Lennie ends up hurting Curley?
47. Why was Curley on edge right before the confrontation with Lennie?
48. What did Curley promise to tell about his injury? Why would he agree to go along with this lie?

CHAPTER 4 (Pgs. 66-83)
49. Describe the setting of Chapter 4.
50. What kind of man is Crooks?
51. What does Crooks say will happen to Lennie if George doesn’t come back?
52. How does Lennie react to this?
53.According to Crooks, what happens to a man if he doesn’t have somebody?
54. How did Curley’s wife know that Lennie was the one who broke Curley’s hand?
55-56. Why does Curley’s wife
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