Of Mice And Men Dream

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In John Steinbeck’s book “Of Mice and Men” the characters go through a lot of happiness and painful things. Some end up making friends and also losing friends. Best of all, this book shows a lot of what each character dreamed of and if they got it or how close they were to getting it. As Bernie Sanders says “For many, the American dream had become a nightmare. I believe this because every character in “Of Mice and Men” had their own dream and they weren't exactly lucky on getting their dream. Now i'll introduce a few characters that stood out to me and their dream. Starting off with the main characters Lennie Small and George Milton. They acted like brothers always having each other's back, especially George he always looked after Lennie. George, a small old man and Lennie a big, childlike migrant worker. I’m putting these two characters together since their dream involves both of them, one big dream. First telling you about Lennie’s little dream he had. Many times throughout the novella you read about how…show more content…
She was never given a name she was always just Curley’s wife. To explain her personality a little she was not a very good wife at all, she was always flirting with the farmhands. She was a great example of having her dream become more of a nightmare since she didn't get to have her dream come true. She wanted to become an actress, but her mom didn’t let her pursue her dream. ‘“‘Nother time I met a guy, an’ he was in pitchers. Went out to the Riverside Dance Palace with him. He said he was gonna put me in the movies,” (pg 88). Even though Curley’s wife’s mom was just trying to protect her daughter, I feel like she should have helped Curley’s wife to follow her dreams. Maybe she was trying to protect her from getting hurt from the truth, but if she had followed her dreams and even if she didn't make it to where she wanted she could still say she had attempted her
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