Of Mice And Men George And Lennie Friendship Essay

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In the novella, “Of Mice and Men”, by John Steinbeck, two friends named George and Lennie, are migrant workers looking for work during the Great Depression. George’s friendship with Lennie is something that most people don’t see. George has always been a loyal friend to Lennie since they were kids, and Lennie is not a person who is able to provide much given his mental conditions. Lennie is very dependent even though he is an adult, he possess a child’s mind and can’t think for himself. He and George have quite the background together and their friendship proves that George is a good friend to Lennie. George is constantly sacrificing his time and life to make sure Lennie is safe and healthy. He lies to people, including the boss of his ranch to make sure he has a reputation around the ranch, since he can cause a lot of trouble by himself. …show more content…

He has the option to leave Lennie and walk away from him, he could take his pay at the end of the month and spend it all in a Cat House, but George chose to stay with Lennie and take care of him (Steinbeck #11).He is now saving up that money so he and Lennie could get their “dream” ranch. Some may say that’s not true and that George abandoned Lennie the night he went out with Slim to Susy’s place, but Lennie was never really alone because Crooks and Candy were at the ranch along with Slim’s dog that watched the place, so he was never truly alone (Steinbeck # 67). George also cares about Lennie’s well being and health. When Lennie found a dead mouse and wanted to keep it so he could pet it, George took it from him and threw it away. Not because he was being mean, but because a dead mouse could have a disease and it could possibly pass on to Lennie and get him sick (Steinbeck

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