Of Mice And Men Movie Vs Book

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The movie Of Mice and Men was very contrasting to the book in multiple and a variety of ways. The book had some very intriguing portions of it, while the movie often had very perpetual and extended scenes, yet at times I found that I couldn't look away. The movie had a large portion of imagery that thoughtfully represented the emotion that the movie was trying to portray, which very strongly pulled the reader into the movie and scenery. This as well as the sound, lighting, and the characterization all paired together towards the end of the movie, which created a very strong and unique closure to the scenes.
In the movie, the big ideas were expressed mainly through the dialogue. The line from the movie, “An live of the fatta the land!” shows
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In the beginning of the movie, Lennie was introduced by him drinking dirty lake water, presenting the kind of character he is. George was then introduced by him yelling at Lennie, and correcting him, making the viewer agree that George is like Lennie's father figure. Later on in the story, as the characters work and feel more and more miserable, they all develop in different ways. Some characters, such as Lennie, developed in a worse way. This was then portrayed by him killing the dog, as well as Curley's wife. This was an example of how Lennie has developed in a worse way because of the farm he works at, and the negative impacts that it brings. Lastly, the story in the movie was fairly similar to the book, by the events that they both share. The difference between the two is that the movie shows a more distinct depiction of the emotions and mood going on, while the book does not show that. The list of events that took place in the book and movie were the same though, starting off with Lennie drinking pond water, and ending with Lennie being shot and killed. Overall, the movie was very good and I found that I liked it better than the book towards the end. The movie showed more emotions and moods that the book wasn't capable of showing, which helped enhance the story in
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