Of Mice And Men Relationship Between George And Curley's Wife

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Once George and Lennie arrive at their new workplace, a farm in California, they meet up with the boss in their bunkhouse. While being interviewed by the boss, George talks in place of Lennie so the latter doesn't say anything foolish. George even goes as far as to lie about Lennie, claiming that the two were cousins and that Lennie got kicked in the head by a horse. After the interview, a short man named Curley enters the bunkhouse and yells at George for not letting Lennie speak. As a result, George begins to resent Curley because of his attitude. Candy, the swamper, tells him that Curley dislikes large men such as Lennie and thus picks bones with them. Later on, when George and Lennie search for Curley, they end up meeting his wife, who
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