Of Mice & Men Alternate Ending Essay

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Of Mice & Men Alternate Ending

George aimed the gun and steadied it, and he brought the muzzle of the gun close to the back of Lennies head. The hand shook violently, but his face set and his hand steadied, Georges heart was pounding, Lennie was still looking across the river trying to picture his rabbits as he was told to do. George suddenly jerked his hand away as Lennie spoke.

"Don stop now George, tell, tell about the rabbits and the fatta the lan"

But George didn't answer, instead he raised the Luger and pulled the trigger the barrel turned creating a soft click which echoed in the small clearing.

"George I dun a bad thing"

"I know Lennie but it don matter now"

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He turned to Lennie who had stepped up closed to George and whispered in his ear to run and Lennie did exactly as he was told. George returned to Slim and steadied his grip on the gun.

"George c'mon you don need to shoot me, I thought you was helpin us?"

But before George could answer Carlson crashed through the other side of the brush, the look on his face matched that of Slims. George turned and ran after Lennie.

"Im gonna shoot em in the gut"

Curley had caught up and George was in any mood to stop and look back at his face. After a minute or so, Lennie appeared next to a tree, a dead mouse in his hand. He was talking to himself.

Lennie had pictured his aunt Clara and a giant rabbit who spoke in aunt Clara voice telling him how lucky he was to have George to look after him and he didn't deserve George. Lennies attention turned to the farm that the stake was going to buy, he longed to tend the rabbits. He stroked the dead mouse's fur and saw George storming towards him like a steam train.

"Run ya crazy bastard, run!"

Lennie didn't run, he just stood and stared. George hit him hard in the face. Lennie filled with rage, he looked deep into Georges remorseful eyes.

" Lennie c'mon they're comin, c'mon" George yelled at him

But again Lennie didn't move, he could see aunt Clara everywhere and she was saying.


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