Of Mice and Men Draft

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How does Steinbeck present the characters of Crooks and Curley 's wife ? In what way are these minor characters shown to be significant throughout the novel ? In John Steinbeck 's novel, Of Mice and Men, we gather our first impressions of Curley 's wife from Candy, a man with one arm and who 's only companion is his dog and is his equivalent of a friend, which he has had since it was a pup. "I had 'im since he was a pup". We develop our initial impressions of Curley 's wife as being flirtatious, attention seeking and even promiscuous . Candy uses expressions such as 'she got the eye ' and goes on to call her a tart. "Well, I think Curley 's married...a tart". These are the first of many derogatory terms used to describe her. This…show more content…
Curley 's wife because of her gender and Crook 's because of his race. Steinbeck uses these characters as an example of the prejudice in 1930 's America, and uses the ranch as a microcosm for this. As a reader, we begin to relate with Curley 's wife when she enters Crook 's residence where Crooks is talking to George and Lennie. She enters the room, pretending to be looking for Curley. The men respond to her negatively and act coldly towards her. She begins to talk about her loneliness and how she does not want to be seen as an item, and live her own life. "...Think I don 't like to talk to somebody ever ' once in a while? Think I like to stick in that house alla time?" This desire for company and to live her dream, can be seen in her final scene when she confides in Lennie, telling him about her longing for someone to talk too and the tragic story of marrying someone she does not love. "I don 't like Curley. He ain 't a nice fella." After Curley 's wife talks about her loneliness she begins to verbally attack the men about their lack of concern and apathetic attitude towards Curley. After Crooks asks her to leave, she threatens with him lynching. Curley 's wife knows that she could easily have this done, as she is married to the bosses son and can
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