Of Mice and Men Essay

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January 13, 2010
Of Mice and Men essay

An allegory is a work where characters are symbols of ideas. They may symbolize anything from honesty to sadness. In an allegorical novel these characters and the ideas they represent form together to suggest a moral. The novel, Of Mice and Men is one of these allegorical novels. Its theme or moral is about friendship: the friendship of George and Lennie. The actions of the characters that represent ideas in the story bring about the chance for George to show his caring and love for Lennie in a powerful way making the story allegorical. All of the characters play a part in the novel whatever their size of the role that connects them allowing Of Mice and Men to function as an allegory.
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George the good natured, but sometimes explosive character represents caring and love. Curley the ill tempered, boxing short guy represents hatred and anger. Lennie the lovable oaf of this classic story represents innocence in a dangerous way because he does not know what is going on but could hurt anyone he wishes to. Curely’s wife represents desire and loneliness. She desires to have what she could’ve which is fame success and fortune, but because of Curley she is alone and depressed. These main characters are everything to the story, its support and its lifeline.
Of Mice and Men is a novel but not an exceedingly long one. Because of the details that it packs into its pages, the characters are not immensely evolved. You know the story is allegorical because its characters are based on ideas. John Steinbeck made his characters simply ideas in human form more or less. Steinbeck had done this to make a short but effective story (effective in the sense of morals and description). The characters all represent basic ideas and they play a part in the moral. Curley’s anger caused him to keep his wife away from the farmhands. She then became lonely and went to talk to Lennie the innocent. Because of his stupidity and her loneliness she was killed and Curley’s anger was directed at Lennie. George’s caring and love for Lennie forced him to kill Lennie himself to save him from Curley’s hatred

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