Of Mice and Men

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Set on a California ranch during the Great Depression, the novel depicts characters who are discriminated against and treated unfairly due to the simple fact that they are not like others. In particular, Curley’s wife, Crooks, and Lennie are negatively affected by the prejudices they face. First, Curley’s wife, the beautiful and flirtatious spouse of the boss’s son, is treated unequally because she is the only female on the ranch. For example, after George first meets Curley’s wife, he says “Jesus, what a tramp… So that’s what Curley picks for a wife” (52). This not only shows George strongly judging Curley’s wife after just one encounter, but also expresses how she is looked at as a possession. She is never given a name, and George even says that Curley picked her, as if she is an item to be claimed by a man. Because she is labeled as a tramp and a tart, most of the men on the ranch try to stay away from her for fear of getting into trouble with Curley. This causes Curley’s wife to become very lonely and eager for attention since no one will talk to her. This makes her try harder to flirt with the men and get noticed, which just makes them shut her out even more. Even though she seems very confident with herself and strong-willed, she is definitely very alone and unhappy. Crooks, the black stable buck with a bad spine, is also discriminated against because of his race. For instance, when…

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