Of Mice and Men

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The daily struggle of the working class, fear of loneliness and the reality of putting all your energy into plans that fail are the different themes relating to John Steinbeck 's novel, "Of Mice and Men". The characters depicted by the author are individuals who are constantly facing one obstacle after another. The book illustrates different conflicts such as man versus society, man versus man, man versus himself and idealism versus reality. The book 's backdrop is set in the Salinas, California during the depression. The two main characters include two men, George and Lennie. Supportive characters include a few ranch hands, Candy, Crooks, Curly, Slim and Carlson. First of all, emphasis is placed on the daily struggles endured on a daily…show more content…
The next day, while playing and petting his new puppy, Lennie accidentally killed it by bouncing it too hard. While coming up with a plan to tell George that he found the puppy dead, Curley 's wife enters the barn and starts a conversation with Lennie. In her conversation, Curley 's wife admits that her life with Curley is a disappointment and she wishes she would have followed her dream of becoming a movie star. During the conversation, Curley 's wife discovers that Lennie like to feel things that are soft. As a result, Curley 's wife asks Lennie if he would like to feel her soft hair, which he does. While feeling her hair, Lennie start messing it up and pulling on it too hard, causing Curley 's wife to scream. While trying to quiet her down, as with the puppy, he accidentally kills her by breaking her neck. When the men get back they discovered what had happened. The men join together to hunt and chase down Lennie and are sent in the opposite direction by George. After stealing Carlson 's gun and blaming Lennie, George runs to meet Lennie at the place they had previously agreed upon if the need arose. Upon finding Lennie, George begins telling Lennie how nice their future is going to be. While Lennie has his back turned, George shoots Lennie in the back of the head. George sees his shooting of Lennie as an act of mercy. After hearing the shot, the rest of the men showed up where George and Lennie

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