Of Mice and Men: Is Curley's Wife a Victim or Villian?

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John Steinbeck presents Curley’s wife at the start of the story as an irrelevant character because she has no relation with George and Lennie. At the start, Curley is one of the most important characters (besides George and Lennie) because he has the power to crush George and Lennie’s dream of having a farm of your own. But as the story goes on, to end, we see the importance of her character and that everything that has happened on the ranch is caused by her presence; even though she is not in the story as much as others, she has a long lasting effect on the other characters. She is mentioned in the story a lot because of how she would acted around the men working in the ranch. In the end, we knew Lennie and George were not going to get a …show more content…
Steinbeck also describes the problems in the world by using Curly’s wife, everything Curly’s wife has said or done and not even done shows the reader how the world was like then and how it has changed a lot now.

Sexism and racism were two of the most important factors Curly’s wife brought to the novel, we see how women were treated with no respect and were just looked upon as just objects with no feelings and they were for men to push around; we also see that this truly affects curly’s wife by the fact that the only way for her to get noticed, is to act like flirtatious and mean to everyone. Racism is approached in the novel by the fact that crooks is not treated the same as everyone else, curly’s wife calls him a racist name and threatens to hang him if he back chat her again. This shows that even though women were treated badly, but black people were treated worse. Maybe some women expressed their anger with society and how they were treated on black people because in Steinbeck’s days, no one would care if you mistreat a black person. In the novel almost everyone has a dream and in the end, everyone’s dreams are crushed because of curly’s wife presence. Life was tough in George and Lennie’s times and the only way for people to stay hopeful was to create a dream that will motivate them to keep living; mostly everyone’s dream was to own a farm of
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