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The Quintessence of Love and Loss Throughout life, many of our journeys leave us feeling despondent and unwanted. It is when we travel with another human soul that we are not left feeling so austere. In John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men, George and Lennie are two wandering souls, both very different in stature and appearance, yet very alike in spirit. It is in this relationship that the true foundation of companionship is expressed. In the beginning of Steinbeck’s novella, George and Lennie have set up camp and are starting to cook supper. Lennie annoys George by stating a simple luxury, and George recoils by exclaiming he could “live so easy. [He] could go get job an’ work, an’ no trouble” (11). After an explosion from George, like a…show more content…
After Lennie has inadvertently murdered Curley’s wife, Curley’s lynch mob go out in search of Lennie. George’s decision is almost inevitable to spare Lennie’s life, rather than let Curley and his gang destroy the bit of life Lennie has. Near the beginning of the story, George explains to Lennie that if he happens to get in some trouble he cannot get out of, to “come right here an’ hide in the brush” (15). After the killing, and to George’s surprise, Lennie has remembered as he “appears out of the brush” (100). This one specific element of Lennie and George’s relationship is more than a mere coincidence, but emphasizes the way Lennie disregards any command or memory of anyone other than George. When George arrives at the brush, and sees Lennie in a state of shock, he is forced to act. As the lynch mob draws near, George is able to fantasize the farm one last time before “sparing” Lennie’s life. But as George aims the gun at Lennie’s head, he kills the thought of a harmonic life he could have shared with Lennie. George and all readers learn from this story about the merciless and callous effect the human nature has on mankind. The general theme of the novella highlights the voracious and often malevolent aspect of human nature. The novella in its essence flails at the idea of ‘every man for himself’. George learns many lessons throughout the book that can be applied to a reader’s everyday life. Loyalty and Sacrifice

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