Of Mice and Men and Macbeth Conflict

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Texts that deal with the theme of conflict make us think. Conflict is the centre of all dramatic development in the three texts I will be discussing. These are Macbeth, by William Shakespeare, of Mice and Men, by John Steinbeck, and O Brother Where Art Thou’, directed by Joel Coen. There are many forms of conflict expressed in these texts. These include both emotional and physical conflict. Conflict has been brought about in many ways throughout these texts. Most of which has been fuelled by inner discord. However a person’s inner conflict can often lead to violent activity. This demonstrates that both forms of conflict are indeed affiliated. OMAM tells the story of a sharp witted man and his simple friend who find work in California’s…show more content…
After he kills the woman Lennie is fearful that George will abandon him. This is also the reason he accidentally kills the woman, because he is afraid that George will hear her screams. In this scene Steinbeck presents an excellent example of inner conflict leading to physical conflict. When the woman begins to scream in fear, Lennie begins to encounter internal conflict, because he is afraid that George will overhear her and be angry with him. Lennie wants to ignore this at all costs, because he so desperately wants the respect of George. Despite Lennie’s tender and innocent nature Lennie begins to get frustrated and panics. He attempts to soothe her into stopping with words, “oh please don’t do that, George’ll be mad “but his efforts are futile and he resorts to stopping her the only way he knows how. Lennie underestimates his own strength as he shakes her and breaks her neck. After Lennie’s struggle is over, Steinbeck captures the stillness and suddenness of her death with the words “and then she was still for Lennie had broken her neck.” Lennie has always been fearful of this woman because he knew she was a temptation. After their first meeting he tells George that “don’t like this place – I wunna get outa here. Lennie foresees his downfall. After the woman’s death Steinbeck stretches out the moment. ”a moment – remained for much more than a moment.” This technique effectively expresses quite and still aftermath of the

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