Essay Of Mice and Men, by John Steinbeck

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During the 1930’s, many Americans were victimized by the Great Depression that had fiercely gripped the nation. Millions of people had no steady income and were forced to travel all around the country in search of a job that might support them for a little while longer. Most of these people had a similar goal; they all had a dream of reaching a heavenly place where they don’t need to worry about anything, and they have everything they’ve ever wanted. This is also what George and Lennie feel like in the novel Of Mice and Men, by John Steinbeck. These two men wander around Northern California in search for a steady job that would allow them to settle down, and possibly even get them enough money to buy their dream land. However,…show more content…
This shows that Lennie will kill anything that he gets his hands on, including the dream. Another symbol that emphasizes the point of George and Lennie trying to get to their dream land is when Whit and George are playing a game of cards, and Whit makes a remark about when George and Lennie start to work. “George shuffled the cards noisily and dealt them. Whit drew a scoring board to him and set the pegs to start. Whit said, ‘I guess you guys really come here to work.’” (49) During this conversation, the cards symbolize the game of life, and shows that they are dealing with their entire life’s dreams, not just of the present. The game of cards being laid out, ready to play, also symbolizes George laying out a plan of how to reach their ultimate dream land. George and Lennie “come here” to work shows how the two of them are mainly focused on getting their dream land (work) done. All through the novel, George is hinting at his determination in working towards reaching his goal of the dream land. One of these is when George is giving his spiel of how George and Lennie are going to be different from the others, and how they are going to be successful in life, unlike all of the other men. “If them other guys gets in jail they can rot for all anybody gives a damn. But not us.” (14) This quote shows George’s determination to be different from the rest of the nation, and to actually try to
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