Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck

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Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck Steinbecks novel, Of Mice and Men portrays the idea of the "ordinary peoples" hard lives at this time and their struggle to survive in their mundain lives for fear of getting "canned". His perseption of the migrant workers living and working during this period is very accurate and he illustrates this through each individual character and their priorities and views on life.

Steinbeck was born and raised within Salinas itself
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He returns to a sorry state once again, friendless and with no hope. Steinbeck represents the idea that the Migrant workers can never escape the loneliness and pain of the lifestyle here and that no matter how they attempt to escape the frustration of being a misfit in a society full of controversy and strong views, they are unable to conquer it.

Crooks is another perfect example and portrayal created by Steinbeck, of a misfit. His character is developed as both a cripple and an outcast due to his humped over back and the colour of his skin. Racial prejudice was immense and at a height at this time, discrimination over the black people of America was extreme and caused huge controversy. Crooks unfortunately suffered from, and was affected by the attitude towards his culture and people and as a result was secluded from the other migrant workers. His character settled in separate accommodation and therefore lived a completely different lifestyle to that of the other migrant workers, and if possible, and even more lonely one.

His "crooked back" that gave him his nickname also came, as a great disability to him as he was unable to perform tasks or work as hard as the other men. He was therefore treated much as Candy was - a

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