Of Non-Victorian Culture In Arthur Conan's 'The Sign Of Four'

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Culture is the characteristics and knowledge that govern a set of people and is expressed in numerous ways through song, dance, cuisine, accepted norms and values and literature. across the globe cultures differ as countries do. Different cultures tend to have bigotries towards other cultures based the fact that different cultures may not be as advanced in technology, transportation, the fine arts and having a structured society. Arthur Conan’s, “The Sign of Four” is a mirror image of the attitudes of persons of the Victorian era had towards members of other cultures. This paper seeks to discuss the Victorian attitude that Arthur Conan Doyle presents to other cultures in “The Sign of Four” in three main points. Three points will be examined which includes how the people of non-Victorian cultures are perceived based on difference in Religion, Physical Attributes and Technological Advances.
During the Victorian era according to an article published by the St. Thomas College English Department, “Religion helped to shape the attitudes of the Europeans to the rest of the world.” Other cultures that did not conform to the rules of Christianity were considered spiritually ignorant. In Arthur Conan’s “The Sign of Four”, Abdullah Khan, who identifies as a Sikh says, “Either you are heart and soul with us on oath on the cross of the Christians, or your body this night shall be thrown into the ditch.”(Doyle 101). Doyle presents the idea that members of other religious cultures are

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