Of Statement For Purpose For Industrial Engineering

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My passion for engineering was kindled during my childhood when I spent numerous hours poring over my late grandfather’s hand-written notes. A seasoned mechanical and communications engineer, he worked with the Tank Division of the Indian Army. The yellowed pages of his notes splattered with black ink, calculations, and drawings cast a spell on me! Years later, while working in the assembly plant of General Motors in India, I was equally captivated by the buzzing and lively atmosphere of the plant. It was a treat to watch man and machine working in tandem, efficiently rolling out state of the art engines and passenger cars. Thus, here I am, embarking on the path of pursuing my dream by applying for the Industrial Engineering program at your esteemed university.
After topping high school, I joined the Mechanical Engineering Department at PSG College of Technology.
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However, in mid-2017 GM decided to stop its domestic sales in India. I quit my job and joined IFB Automotive Pvt. Ltd, a company that designs and manufactures automotive components like door mechanisms, seating mechanisms and automobile motors for OEMs like Honda, TATA, Renault, and Daimler. Today in my role as an executive of design and development in the seating design team, I design and validate prototypes of seating mechanisms for automobiles, and I am responsible for problem-free production in the plant. In my free time, I am undergoing a part-time online course in Machine Learning.
With the manufacturing sector moving towards Industry 4.0 and smart factories, this is a propitious time to pursue higher studies in Industrial Engineering. Having a fair bit of industrial exposure and some experience with advanced manufacturing, a Master’s program will further enhance my knowledge and be a solid foundation to build my
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