Of Symbolism In Radiohead's 'OK Computer'

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In a society so rigidly ruled by structures, Radiohead holds up a funhouse mirror to reveal its flaws and inner workings. Radiohead’s OK Computer reveals that society’s obsession with hiding vulnerability through repeating symbolism, lyrical metaphors, and
By using repeating symbolic imagery, OK Computer shows that ruling power structures, like religion and corporations, center around vulnerability in how they gain influence and in how they are motivated. Additionally, in order to maintain their influence, these powers have to put up a front of indestructibility while also managing internal struggles. Planes crashes are depicted throughout the album's artwork, a symbol of innovation and monetary means that has failed and brought people down with it. Planes, much like corporations, are supposed to have very few chinks in their armor, but both can go down; both are vulnerable under their guise of perfection. There is also the case of religion, where a statue of Jesus is seen being worshipped by a considerably smaller family. Religion is a form of protection, both for the herd immunity and for the surety of an afterlife, and the family is beneath, quite vulnerable. However, the statue is white, like the scribbles surrounding it, while the family is not and would take more work to scribble over because of this. This suggests that religion can be consumed easily and has less control over modern life than in previous centuries. When the statue appears again, it is a hand behind a

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