Of The Cold War Changed By Gorbachev And The End Of The Cold War

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This essay will prove how the end of the cold war was caused by Gorbachev and his policies to a large extent. The end of the Cold war was also due to President Reagan and the collapse of The Soviet Union to a smaller extent. Gorbachevs policies were Glasnost and perestroika. Perestroika translates to “restructuring” and this was the restructuring of the economy from the state, and the social and political restructuring. Glasnost translates to “openness” and this was the freedom of the press. Glasnost and Perestroika were ultimately the cause of the fall of Gorbachev. President Reagan was Anti-Soviet and called communists “Good Marxist Leninists. The end of the cold war was in 1991. This was the same year that the Soviet Union collapsed. This…show more content…
This was a policy that allowed open discussion of social and political issues. (source N). This policy also led to elections taking place. These elections led to the power of the communist party being reduced. Demokratizatsiia was a small policy of Gorbachev and this refers to the new voting process. There was now to be secret ballad voting and this led to the creation of a new parliament. (source I) This policy also led to freedom of the press in the soviet union. Gorbachev began to “reduce state control over the media.” (source F). This was his way of allowing more freedom of the press. Gorbachev hoped that his policy of Glasnost would help the common people understand the Social and economic changes that he was making. Gorbachev said “Communists want the truth, always and under all circumstances.” (source H). Gorbachev hoped his policy of Glasnost would help the communists see the truth.

Gorbachev was one of the leading figures in the Cold war ending. He was also “the most controversial character” among any of the Soviet leaders up until that time. (source c). Gorbachev wanted to reform the Soviet Union. He wanted to show the world that the Soviet union was changing towards socialism. A sign that the cold war was beginning to end was the collapse of the Berlin Wall. (Source A). Berlins East, run by the Soviet Union, announced a change in their relationship with the West, run by the United States and their superpower
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Reagan called the soviet union “the focus of evil in the modern world” and called Soviet leaders “good Marxist-Leninists” (source G). There was the creation of the Reagan Doctrine and this doctrine was military and goods that would be sent to movements that were trying to overthrow Soviet rule. Reagan also introduced the Strategic defense initiative (SDI) and this was a research program to deploy missiles to destroy nuclear weapons. Both of the Reagan Doctrine and the Strategic Defense Initiative was created because of Reagan being anti-soviet. Ilya Zaslavsky believed that it was Reagan who created perestroika and glasnost, not Gorbachev. (source o)

Some historians believe that the end of the Cold War was due to the communication and talks between Gorbachev and Reagan. (source E) In Geneva 1985 Reagan threatened Gorbachev to reduce or continue the arms race. Gorbachev agreed on the condition that the United States would agree to not deploy their Nuclear weapons. The two leaders came to an agreement in 1987 when both signed the Intermediate range nuclear forces treaty (INF). This led to a partnership between the superpower

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