Of The Experiment 38 Sprague-Dawley Rats Procured From Envigo Experiment

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Method Subjects In this experiment 38 Sprague-Dawley rats procured from Envigo were used. Each of these rats were male and two months of age at the start of this experiment. Each rat also had a number marked onto its tail. All IACUC guidelines were followed throughout the entirety of the experiment. All of the rats performed each procedure of this experiment in their own operant box which remained consistent for the duration of the experiment. Before beginning each procedure, despite having access to food, the rats were water deprived for 23 hours. The rats shared cages in sets of two during times when procedures were not taking place. Apparatus The operant chamber used in this experiment had dimensions of 9x8x8 inches. This operant chamber consisted of a Plexiglas exterior and a metal grid base as its flooring. Before each procedure, a fresh paper towel was slid under this metal grid flooring to catch any possible waste from the rat during the procedure. On the top of the chamber there was a latch which was used to lock and unlock the operant chamber. During each of the procedures in the experiment the latch was locked. There was a water trough which was 2x2.5x2 inches on the outside of the operant chamber. On the inside of the chamber, there was a hopper where a lever would deliver water from the trough to the hopper. On the top of the inside of the chamber there was a small light bulb. In this experiment, two separate contexts were used. The first context or “context A”,

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