Of The Numerous Decisions Consummated During A Lifetime,

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Of the numerous decisions consummated during a lifetime, a handful will stand apart in rather dramatic fashion compared to more routine activities emblematic of everyday life. These outliers distinguish themselves with the hallmark of long-term repercussions emanating from miscalculation or misunderstood risk which routinely produces an assortment of financial peril. Such exceedingly prodigious decisions primarily categorize as strategic with their formulation amalgamations of art, science and a smattering of other intangible elements. Undoubtedly, they ought to warrant extraordinary care and thorough investigation going forward, including possible exit strategies. However, time and again, the human equation proves otherwise and omits that…show more content…
Think of a strategic decision resembling an iceberg. Icebergs reveal only ten percent of their total mass while leaving ninety percent concealed below the water’s surface. And that which remains unseen contributes significantly to their treachery. In a long-term decision, one must project, simulate or otherwise estimate future events yet to have occurred utilizing information from the present. The challenge for every planner encompasses building a decision edifice to successfully launch, navigate metaphorically treacherous waters, and avoid the icebergs to reach one’s ultimate destination without incident. Onerous and damaging financial obligations represent just one of the serious consequences experienced by organizations and individuals from such pivotal decisions gone awry. As an illustration, if one buys a home it likely requires a down payment, various closing costs, and an amortized payment schedule for a mortgage secured by the property. Likewise, prospective or current students regularly obtain installment loans to pay for college expenses requiring remuneration after the expectations and fulfillment of a job or career. Presumably, the additional education and competencies will accrue greater future revenue streams from acquiring or increasing one 's professional value. One might conclude that selecting a profession or pursuing a

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