Of The Plaid Prohibition And A Motley Bunch Of Other Factions

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B rotzmanskrieg, from as early as when the Underground and the RGA were considered as the only contenders, was justified through the prospect of accumulating what wealthy spoils could be taken from the opposition. Though it remained as an ideological war over the question of whether the works of the Wise Man was of benefit to the Underground, prior to the formation of the RGA, the introduction of the Plaid Prohibition and a motley bunch of other factions with differing viewpoints and ideals changed both the RGA and the Underground’s approach to Brotzmanskrieg. Factional control of a holding for the sake of mounting future evangelization efforts was just not enough. In essence, the amount of success attained by any of the factions was based…show more content…
Despite not having as much stressed importance to the factions, insofar as they were emphasized before the School Year of the Steamroller, secondary aspects within Brotzmanskrieg proved to have a strategic value unique to their own circumstances. The most important were the ACP (Anomaly Causing Phenomena) sites and their resulting spawn of Anomalies, whether for gain or for denial of access (in the case of the Ostracized), the privilege (if applicable) for the factions to spread their respective faiths, and the opportunity of uninterrupted logistics provided by the Teleport Anomaly and the much later Teleportation Transponder. Lesser valued ones were the Caravaneer trade routes that expanded nationwide since the Great Leaps Westward, the backing of the Dweller cities and technical oriented minor powers, and the colleges and universities. Since not all factions shared the same view on the strategic value of the aforementioned secondary aspects, as a result these aspects of Brotzmanskrieg were to be seen as being secondary to control of the local Jackbooter trade, but were still nonetheless have its own importance in measuring success or even defeat. Even though being weighed as having the least amount of strategic value, in
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