Of The Second Great Awakening, Transcendentalism, And Romanticism

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The Second Great Awakening, transcendentalism, and Romanticism was the start of a new era in the 19th century. All three of these events influenced the "American Mind" and caused major shifts in beliefs for centuries to come. These events also played along side the current political debates of that time. The Second Grate Awakening helped influence western expiation. Quickly following this was a rebuttal of the Second Great Awakening, transcendentalism, and along with this Idea of changing views was the concept of Romanticism. The second great awakening was the emergence of new religious branches. There were three main branches that influences the Unites States as it grew and was still trying to rid of the English ways. these three branches were named Baptist, Methodist, and Presbyterian. All three of these branches grew quickly in popularity. The most popular however was the Presbyterian church. All of these shares the same core belief but held different values and reasons for existence. The presbyterian church is part of what I feel helped push the western expiation to continue further. This is due to the one message they wanted to convey to others, " Salvation is available not just to a select few, as the Calvinist Puritans have claimed, but to anyone who repents and embraces Christ". Other religious view were adopted in this time that caused the population to see the world in a new light and gain more spiritual growth. Transcendentalism played a
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