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Honduras Columbus explored Honduras in 1502. Spain had control over Honduras until 1821, which is when they declared their independence. Honduras and four other Central American nations formed a federation of states. It was not until 1838 Honduras became completely independent by separating from the federation. While Honduras was under Spain’s control, education was associated with the Roman Catholic Church. The students who attended school in Honduras typically came from higher social classes. In the late 19th century Honduras was not associated with the Roman Catholic Church and became non denominational in their school systems. Catholic schools still existed, but were not present in public schools. The Sectorial Plan of Education was from 1994-1997, which was created to form a new Honduran type. They were focused on creating a new society. As a result of the plan they created a new society called the Morazanican School.The education system was greatly affected by Hurricane Mitch. This natural disaster was one of the deadliest, which resulted in many buildings being destroyed. As a result of Hurricane Mitch the Honduran government began to rethink their education system. In 1998 a new system was created called “The Proposal of the Honduran Civil Society for the Educative Transformation.” In 2004 Honduran President Ricardo Maduro made an attempt to change the education system. Even if they were to make changes to their education system it would take a minimum of 23

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